Best Internet Service Providers To Watch Out For In 2023

Internet access has become one of the most important parts of our livelihood nowadays in our different households. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, close to 90% of all homes have a high-speed internet connection. With high-speed internet, the master of the show, different internet service providers (ISPs) on their part is now striving to keep their subscribers and customers happy.

Like in every other company sector out there, some internet service providers stand out among the rest. Although it may seem a difficult job to figure out which companies are ahead of the others, and which of those companies are available in your area. But not to worry, that’s our job to do in this article. We have found the best internet service providers (ISPs) in this article based on price (cheap internet access), availability and connection type, download speed, customer service scores, and all-around solid provider.

So, as proceed down this article, you will learn the best internet service providers you will watch out for come 2021.

List Of The Best Internet Service Providers In 2022

Below, we have compared and reviewed five of the leading internet service providers for 2022. Just read on to learn which ISPs are available and affordable in your area.

1. Xfinity Internet

Xfinity Internet is one of the best internet service providers that helps you to unleash the potential of your in-home WiFi. This internet product is owned by Comcast and it offers six cable and two fiber internet plans. When it comes to internet speed, it has reliably fast speeds, even at peak times when everyone is online. It boasts of one of the largest Gig-speed networks available.

Considering coverage and control, it has millions of hotspots nationwide. Also, for enhanced WiFi control, you can add Xfinity’s xFi Gateway modem + router for only $14 a month.

When it comes to prices for cable plans, it starts as low as $29.99 per month for download speeds of 15 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 Mbps. Moreover, at the top of the range are cable plans that cost $69.99 per month for 600 Mbps download speeds and 20 Mbps upload speeds. Meanwhile, fiber internet plans are only available in some areas up to 2 Gbps, but it costs a lump sum of $299 a month.

Elsewhere, Xfinity’s advanced security means it helps protect every connected device from cyber threats, for more peace of mind. In addition to all of the above features, Xfinity Internet is available across most of the US, including 39 states and Washington, D.C. It makes it top of our list of the best internet service providers to watch out for in 2022.

2. Verizon Fios Home Internet

Fios by Verizon is a total fiber-optic network, and as you know, fiber optics move insane amounts of data at a high speed, giving you more reason why you should choose Verizon Fios internet for your home. Fios is one of the fastest internet service providers that offer a reliable internet network, and virtually seamless streaming.

Verizon Fios excels most when it comes to performance and reliability – two things that Greenblatt described as most significant for internet customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it boasts of upload speeds that are a close match to its download speeds. Which means, one can stream with virtually no buffering.

Although Verizon Fios home internet is still limited mostly to select areas in the Northeast, its good reputation means it will definitely expand its service area soon.

Pricing for Fios home internet starts from $39.99 per month for download speeds of 200 Mbps and can reach up to $79.99 per month for download speeds of up to 940/880 Mbps. Plus there are no data caps limiting your monthly data usage. Check out this review on Verizon Fios Home Internet for more details on this internet service provider.

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3. CenturyLink

CenturyLink is one of the few internet service providers that lock in your monthly price (Prize for Life). That means your monthly bill will never go up as long as you remain a CenturyLink customer. It offers high-speed internet, fiber, phone, and TV series for residential customers.

This ISP offers a DSL internet plan with the Price for Life guarantee as we mentioned earlier. And once you stick with your plan, you can’t upgrade your internet speed or switch to a new service address. However, if you need an upgrade or have to move, it’s more than likely that CenturyLink will still offer Price for Life plans.

Moreover, one of the few frustrations with CenturyLink’s internet service provider is that it doesn’t offer a Wi-Fi hotspot network to its current subscribers. Thus, if jumping from hotspot to hotspot is a necessity for you, then you should think about our previous mentions in Xfinity and Verizon Fios.

CenturyLink internet pricing starts from $49 per month for download speeds of 15 Mbps and can reach up to $65 per month for 940 Mbps for its only fiber network plan.

4. AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet is one of the best internet service providers out there and they are coming out even stronger in 2021 with their strong and smart WiFi in your entire home. The internet network is spread across 21 states in the US, including Texas and California.

This ISP has some features that would make you love to use them as your home internet service provider, including consistent speeds at peak times and up to 99% proven reliability. AT&T also boasts of quality customer satisfaction.

With AT&T Internet, you can count on reliable internet for all you do every day, including steady high-speed internet for everyone at home, and browsing at work. Similar to Verizon Fios and Xfinity, AT&T offers WiFi hotspots across the nation. With this feature, you can ensure that everyone in your household enjoys a seamless wall-to-wall WiFi experience.

It also has an exclusive WiFi gateway that combines your modem and router into one box that can support all the devices in your home.

AT&T offers three fiber optic internet plans, of which the fastest comes at download speeds of 940 Mbps. The plans on the other hand have limited availability, which means they may not be available in your area. The plan’s pricing starts from $35 per month for download speeds of 100 Mbps and can reach up to $60 per month for download speeds of 940 Mbps.

5. Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet sums up our list of internet service providers to watch out for in 2022. It is an internet network service offered by Charter Communications. Spectrum offers internet, TV, home service, and mobile over its broadband network. Its versatile footprint and vast products make it one of the best-known internet service providers (ISPs) out there.

With Spectrum Internet, you stand a chance of enjoying unlimited internet services with no data caps. Although Spectrum may fall short with its customer service as the company is ranked eighth in customer satisfaction among internet service providers, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index. But in general, it is a good ISP considering its versatility, including its availability across 44 states in the US, giving it a wide coverage area.

Spectrum Internet’s pricing starts at $49.99 per month for download speeds of 100 Mbps and upload speeds of 10 Mbps. Also, its fastest internet plan promises download speeds of 940 Mbps and upload speeds of 35 Mbps. Additionally, Spectrum offers a free modem and antivirus software, as well as access to a nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots.


As you’d expect, many internet service providers garner complaints and grumblings but not every internet service company is a bad product. Here in this article, we have justified this claim by sharing with you the best internet service providers out there. As we mentioned in the beginning, our considerations include internet plans, speed, connection types, and customer satisfaction.

Thus, you can use this review as a guide to choosing the best internet service provider (ISP) in your area.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your opinion with us!