7 Best Chatbot Platforms To Build Chatbots Without Any Coding Experience

Like you and I know that one of the driving forces for big companies today is excellent customer support. But also, your customer support agents can arguably not be there 24 hours attending to the demands of your customers and potential ones online. So to counter this effect and ensure great support for your customers, one thing you should think of is adding a chatbot app to your website. Now, the question is, what are the best chatbot platforms you can rely on out there?

The truth is that the selection of the best chatbot platforms out there is intimidating, especially for someone without much coding experience. However, it’s nothing to worry about as we have compared the best chatbot platforms for building your chatbots on the web, and narrowed down the selection to the few that you can easily achieve your goals with, considering all business sizes.

But before we proceed to list the best chatbot platforms you can build your chatbots on, let’s get to understand what chatbot is all about and what they can help you achieve.

What Is Chatbot? And What Can You Use It For?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based software that can be able to have a “conversation” with a human through text or voice input. The best chatbot platforms allow you to build chatbots that suit your customer base with customizing tools.

Because interactive chatbots are essentially intelligent, they can help to provide information to your customers whenever they need it and without a split-second too. Chatbots can help you steer your online prospects through the sales funnel with ease, starting from the initial discussions to final conversions. Plus the fact that the bots are built to become better and more efficient at task completion, which means that for every interaction they have with the customers, they become smarter.

The Best Chatbot Platforms List

Without much ado, let’s get down to our selection of the best chatbot platforms that can help you build chatbots for your brand even without much coding experience.

1. ManyChat

ManyChat allows you to reinvent how you connect with your customers by offering you the chance to engage with your customers 24/7. With this chatbot builder, you can automate and combine Facebook Messenger and SMS to grow your business. It is basically a messenger chatbot platform for sales and marketing.

Just as you know, Facebook Messenger beats every other sales channel with its 80% open rates and 25% CTR. Thus, ManyChat as a Messenger bot will obviously help you generate more leads for your brand. Its simple and personalized experiences make it even easier to convert customers and also build relationships with customers through interactive and tailored content.

ManyChat: The Best Chatbot Platforms

Even without any coding experience, you can build a chatbot with a template that is focused on your business. ManyChat is equally one of the best chatbot platforms that offer several integrations with other tools that you already use, such as Shopify, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Zapier, ConvertKit, etc.

The most positive aspect of the ManyChat chatbot platform is that you can start building your chatbots for free with the basic features that you need. However, if you want to access the advanced features, you will have to upgrade to the paid plan. Pricing starts at $10 for businesses with high growth goals.

2. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is one of the leading no-code chatbot platforms for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The platform helps you to increase sales, reduce costs, and automate support on Facebook.

Chatfuel Chatbot Builder

As a chatbot platform tailored for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, it offers you up to 80% open rates and 10X CTR when compared to email with a bot drip campaign and broadcasts. It further offers a 3.4X increase in return on ad spend compared to the website and a 71% reduction in cost per conversion.

Chatfuel is also one of the best chatbot platforms that help you generate quality leads by engaging with your customers and prospects 24/7. At the same time, increasing customer satisfaction and reduces support costs. This platform works best for those who have Messenger Plugin on their website because all chats take place inside Messenger.

This chatbot builder also offers a free trial account that you can use forever, but just with limited features. However, you can upgrade to paid plans anytime. Pricing starts at $15 per month for the Pro plan, and if you wish to add more power to your marketing with advanced tools and expert guidance, the Premium plan is what you need. To get the pricing for the Premium plan, you need to contact Chatfuel sales reps.

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3. Flow XO

Flow XO is one of the best chatbot platforms where you can create a chatbot with zero coding experience required. It is a powerful chat automation platform that allows you to quickly and easily build incredible bots that help you to communicate and engage with your customers and prospects across a wide range of sites, applications, and social media platforms.

As you know, the possibilities of what you can do with a chatbot are endless. And for Flow XO, the intelligence behind their chatbot is created using a powerful workflow; you can have an infinite number of them running in your chat window.

Easily get started with Flow XO chatbot builder by choosing how you want to interact with your customers. Then use the drag-and-drop editor to build your workflow and then connect it to one or more of your platforms. Flow XO also lets you tailor your chatbot and its workflows to suit your business’s particular needs.

On the other hand, the platform’s flow system limits the functionality of your chatbots, because you will need to integrate your bots with other apps to build anything complex. Another concern about Flow XO chatbot builder is that it does not send notifications to your live chat agents wherever they need to step in. But in all, its flexibility makes it a great chatbot platform to build your chatbots with the no-coding experience needed.

Flow XO allows you to build chatbots for free and then upgrade your account to a paid option when you need to. For a Standard plan, pricing starts at $19 per month, and you can add extra features to your workflow for another $10.

4. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is an automated Facebook messaging and marketing tool. It is one of the best chatbot platforms out there for marketers with various customizing features. MobileMonkey is a multi-platform chatbot builder, where you can write your content once and use it on every chat platform.

Although it works best for Facebook, the chatbot platform allows you to talk to customers directly on the messaging apps they already use. Because people are 3X more likely to engage with chat than with website forms, MobileMonkey presents you with a greater opportunity of generating leads.

MobileMonkey is one of the best chatbot platforms for creating an AI chatbot on Facebook with integrated Facebook commerce. With the chatbot builder, you can easily create a Facebook message with no-coding experience required. It amplifies your reach, Facebook advertising, and customer service.

MobileMonkey is free forever, but for advanced marketing features, you need to upgrade to the paid plans. Pricing starts at $14.25 per month and can reach up to $199 per month for teams and agencies. Meanwhile, all professional plans are backed by MobileMonkey’s More Leads Money-Back Guarantee so you can have your money back if what you paid for isn’t what you got!

5. LivePerson

LivePerson makes it easy for customers to ask questions and make purchases in the messaging channels they use every day. Thus, the platform helps you to build, deploy, and optimize AI-powered chatbots that will help you to get more leads, boost sales, and increase brand loyalty.

LivePerson: Best Chatbot Platforms

To build your chatbots with LivePerson chatbot builder, you first need to discover and understand what your customers really want. This information will help you in fulfilling their intentions, especially those that can be easily automated. Next is to build your AI-powered chatbots that work together with human experts to fulfill your customer’s intentions. The conversation builder will help you to create automated conversation flows.

With LivePerson, you also have access to real-time advanced analytics to benchmark, monitor, and optimize marketing, sales, and customer care KPIs. LivePerson also offers several integration options, including app messaging, web messaging, voice to messaging, social media messaging, email messaging, etc.

LivePerson makes everything customizable for you to get the best results that matter for your business.

6. Botsify

Botsify is one of the best chatbot platforms for website and Facebook chatbot building to reduce your customer support cost through a chatbot on your website and Facebook page. It is a simple chatbot builder that comes with some great integration features that you might not find with other builders, e.g., Shopify, WordPress, and Alexa.

Here are the features of Botsify that make it right for you and your business;

  • Faster response rate
  • Better customer retention
  • More qualified leads
  • Creation of multiple chatbots
  • Dedicated customer support, etc.

Moreover, automating your conversation with multiple features makes virtual interaction with your customers more natural, more engaging, and ultimately, more human. In addition to that, you can switch from chatbot to human support; likewise, make your chatbot conversate in over 190 languages.

With Botsify, you can easily build chatbots for a website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS. However, the downside of this chatbot builder is that it does not offer a free plan forever. You can only enjoy a 14-day free trial after which you will be required to upgrade to any of the paid options. Pricing starts from $49 per month and can reach up to $499 per month.

7. Boost.ai

Boost is one of the best chatbot platforms that help you build intelligent and interactive chatbots for your websites. It is one of the world’s leading user-friendly conversational AI platforms to let frontline teams automate requests themselves. In fact, it’s basically for the enterprise that’s managed by customer service to automate their conversational support.

At Boost.ai, customer service teams can manage and expand your automated experiences without coding or tech support. It means you can turn customer service agents into AI trainers and control the cost of ownership without having to serve ties with developers.

Furthermore, Boost uses deep learning and natural language technology combined with automatic semantic understanding to understand what your customers need accurately. It also has a unique multi-level hierarchy that can process several thousand customer intents at the same time. Thus, you can give yourself the necessary scalability to succeed now and even in the future.

The platform is as well user-friendly and compatible with all direct messaging channels, including voice. It offers a free trial, but the features are limited as you’d expect. However, for more advanced features, you will have to upgrade to a paid plan, though the pricing is not revealed on their website.

Final Thoughts

It’s true that we have compared the best chatbot platforms and came up with those listed in this article. But the fact remains that the choice of a chatbot platform depends on your business goals. Whether it’s about making your customer service faster or the need of automating some other marketing tasks, your choice should be informed, and this article serves as a guide to that.

Also, remember that your customer intent should come to play when building your chatbots. Plus the fact that some customers don’t use certain communication channels should equally influence your choice. Because building your chatbots on some less popular messaging platforms might be pointless and ineffective for your marketing goals.

Thanks for reading as you make informed choices from this list of the best chatbot platforms from us! Feel free to add a comment using our comments box below!