15 Best Instagram Marketing Tools You Should Start Using Now

As an image-based social media platform, Instagram is in a league of its own. But since it has a limited ability to link back to your website, what then do you do as a marketer? Here is where our title comes in, and the answer is quite clear – you apparently need the best Instagram marketing tools to scale through.

With the best Instagram marketing tools, the work of social media marketers becomes much easier. However, the truth remains that, finding good Instagram marketing tools isn’t such an easy job.

But then to come to your rescue, we have come with a list of the best Instagram marketing tools that will absolutely make your marketing work easy for you. Whether you’re looking for scheduling, analytics, image, or video editing tools, this list has them all covered.

10 Best Instagram Marketing Tools For Every Marketer

We have tried to pick out the best Instagram marketing tools to drive your Instagram success from scheduling to editing, and below are the resulting tools.

Instagram Scheduling Tools

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s scheduling tools make posting on Instagram an interesting one. Directly from your Hootsuite’s dashboard, you can share your Instagram images, videos, and Stories. The tool’s publisher includes access to a content library, composer, image editor, and a built-in planner.

After publishing your Instagram post, you can use their analytics feature to track your post’s performance, while also responding to comments directly from the dashboard.


Hootsuite pricing starts at $19/month for one user and $99/month for 3 users.

2. Later

Later prides themselves as the #1 Marketing Tool for Instagram. The tool is wonderful in its ability to plan a calendar of posts visually. Other than that, Later is one of the few Instagram marketing tools that has managed to break into the social media platform to post in real-time for you.

Its versatility ensures that you use it with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Interestingly, the tool is free to use.

3. Sked Social

This is one of the most interesting Instagram marketing tools for scheduling. Sked helps you to visually plan, schedule, and analyse your Instagram posts and Stories to engage your followers and convert more customers.

As one of the best Instagram scheduler, it lets you to automatically post Stories, carousels, images, videos, and more. With Sked’s mobile app, you can equally schedule Instagram posts on the go. You don’t have to worry about push notifications when you schedule with Sked as everything is shared automatically.


For one Instagram account, pricing starts from $20/month.

Photo and Video Editing Tools for Instagram


This Instagram tool gives you the power to edit your photos and get them double-exposure on Instagram and the VSCO app.

Moreover, VSCO is more than just a photo and video editing tool, it’s a “community and tool for creators,” with weekly challenges such as #VSCO hashtags, VSCO girl memes, and so more.

VSCO Instagram tool is known for its filters, 10 of which are free when you download the app. However, only the subscribers have access to its advanced features, including filters by Kodak, Fuji, and Agfa; likewise, its latest tool video and photo Montage tool.

5. Snapseed

Owned by Google, Snapseed consistently earns top ranking in the photo categories of the App and Google Play stores. It offers selective editing options through its 29 tools and features, so you can edit the parts of a photo that need a fix.

With Snapseed, you have all the features and quality editing you would find and expect in a professional picture editing software but without extra complexities that you might find in those professional apps.

Moreover, to use Snapseed as your Instagram marketing tool is totally free. So you won’t be needing to pay to turn your captured photos into professional-looking pictures.

6. Wordswag

Often that not we stumble upon inspirational posts in our Instagram feeds, but we wonder whether they’re graffiti or not. The secrete could lie within Wordswag.

Wordswag is one of the best Instagram marketing tools you can rely on if you want to add awesome text to your photos. And it’s just a matter of seconds until you’re done!

The tool offers you hundreds of quotes, thoughts, and jokes where you can gain inspiration from so that you are never at a lack of words. They equally serve you with the best layout to choose from.

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Instagram Hashtag Tools

7. Keyhole

Keyhole’s analytics feature includes hashtag tracking tools tailored for Instagram campaigns. It helps you to measure your hashtag’s performance, prove your campaign’s impact and ROI, and generate client-ready reports for Instagram and other social media campaigns.

The marketing tool helps you to get real-time data from Instagram and improve your campaign along the way as you see what’s working and what’s not. With Keyhole, even if you’re partnering with influencers, you can see how they are impacting on your hashtag, too.

By measuring your influencers hashtag with Keyhole hashtag analytics, you would detect your best influencers and who isn’t in compliance. Thus, making it easy to know who to hire again for your next campaign.

8. Display Purposes

It is a web-based marketing tool that delivers details on Instagram hashtags. Using this tool, you can look up for any hashtag to discover its related tags, age, and gender demographics; as well as a language breakdown.

With their search feature, relevant hashtags will pop up when key in a few hashtags. The tool will automatically filter banned and spammy tags out. Also, to improve your Instagram reach, you can verify and monitor which hashtag that will drive the most traffic on your account. It again allows you to see the top posts that have used the hashtags you’ve searched for.

9. ShortStack

ShortStack focuses majorly in helping Instagram marketers to track social contest hashtags. The tool is built in such a way that your followers will love to participate in the social contest because it is easy; likewise, you will love having control over moderation, curation, and selecting the hashtag contest winner.

Meanwhile, with hashtag contest, it is easy to gather user-generated content, increase brand awareness, and reach a new audience. Moreover, you can integrate moderated user-generated content on your website with the help of ShortStack, and those who participated in the contest will be more likely to become customers.

For every social contest using ShortStack, it is easy to track your hashtag, identify high-profile users, and select winners with its Randomly Entry Selector.

Instagram Bio Links Tools

10. Linktree

The world’s biggest influencers, creators, publishers, and brands use Linktree for their Instagram marketing strategy and personal profiles. Stars such as Selena Gomez and Alicia Keys are among them, including big companies like Food Heaven, Golde, and Goode.

The platform helps you to effortlessly manage your content with their simple drag-and-drop editor, offering you customization, third-party integration, and analytics tools. After connecting your audience to your content, you can use their powerful analytics tools to keep tabs on where people click.

11. Milkshake

Founded by co-founders of one of Envato Cyan and Collis Ta’eed to help small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, especially woman benefit from the bio link, even if they don’t have a website. Their goal is to help you turn the link in your bio into a free Insta website.

Most importantly, you don’t need any design or web skills to make and update an Insta website. Moreover, the Insta website will help you to start, launch, or grow your business ideas, passion projects, and promotions.

Milkshake lets you to effortlessly set up everything from blog posts to YouTube videos to virtual storefronts in their platform. It is one of the best Instagram marketing tools out there that will help you connect your followers to all your offer from your link in bio with just an Insta website.

12. Omnilink

Official Instagram partner Iconosquare recently launched Omnilink, and it comes with irresistible features. Just like Milkshake, Omnilink brings your links together and builds a website in the process, but it offers more optimization than the earlier.

It offers the room to create a unique and customizable landing page that drives maximum traffic to any URL you like. Meaning that with one page, you can drive traffic to your website or store, promote your blog, boost YouTube views, and more.

Omnilink’s advanced customization option also means that you can design your link to fit your brand and business needs. Then with their in-depth analytics capabilities, you stand a chance to understand where your visitors are coming from and how they’re interacting with your content.

Best Instagram Marketing Tools for Analytics

13. Iconosquare

Arguably one of the best Instagram marketing tools for insight and analytics, Iconosquare helps you to understand where you’re shining and where you’re falling flat in your Instagram marketing.

Iconosquare offers you a free audit of your Instagram business account, evaluating your last 30 days activities and then giving you tips on how to improve your performance on Instagram.

Aside from the free audit, Iconosquare’s paid package also include the scheduling of posts on Instagram. The tool, though works for Business accounts only.

14. SocialRank

SocialRank allows you to evaluate and breakdown your Instagram followers, and insight that can be a tremendous weapon to boost your business. Perhaps if you’re trying to grow your Instagram followers, this tool is a good fit for you because it helps you to control your followers.

The tool gives you a valuable follower breakdown by helping you to run a report to discover your top followers based on engagement metrics, follower count, or verification. Additionally, you can track new influential followers to uncover growth and partnership opportunities.

With SocialRank, it’s easy to identify, organize, and manage your audience on Instagram.

15. Instagram Insights

If you’re a creator or own business accounts, you’d have access to the best Instagram marketing tools like Insights. Sliding to the Insights tab, you can discover who is following you, when they are most active, and what type of content is most popular.

But since some data disappears after 7-14 days from the Insights tabs, you consider plugging to the analytics tools mentioned above for more detailed reporting.


Managing a social media account is never an easy task, especially when you have to manage one as demanding as Instagram. However, with the best Instagram marketing tools shared with you in this article, you will make light work out of your campaigns.

Note that these tools might not necessarily suit your needs, but we classified them as the bests because they’re in most cases the most sort tools by marketers and top brands. There are also some other Instagram marketing tools we couldn’t include in this list for some certain reasons, but that doesn’t mean the won’t be useful if you try them out in your campaigns. But we assure you that with the above tools, you will bring your Instagram marketing campaigns to another level!

Feel free to add any Instagram marketing tool that you think should have made this list in our comments section below!