10 Best Social Media Analytics Tools For All Marketers In 2022

If it’s your duty to analyze your brand’s social media activities, you will certainly understand the need of having the best social media analytics tools at your disposal because you will have a lot of explaining to do.

With the best social media analytics tools, you will learn which tactics and strategies are working best, and which aren’t. Thus, you can use the feedback generated by the tools better to focus your time, effort, and budget.

Although some brands sometimes rely on native social media analytics tools to measure their campaign performance, it’s not always enough for all that needs to be measured and analyzed. Moreover, if you have the best social media analytics tools in your ranks, you can easily create social media performance reports to share with your team, stakeholders, and employers.

As a result, we’re going to share with you some of the best social media analytics tools in this article, both free and paid options. You will stand a chance to learn how each tool works and what metrics each tool is best used in measuring.

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools Available For All Marketers

Whether you’re in search of a tool that focuses on a single channel or needs an all-purpose solution, the best social media analytics tools can give you the right answers you need to grow your business. And that’s what we’re bringing to you below;

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics might not be solely a social media analytics tool, but it’s one of the best ways to track your social media campaigns, and it can even help you measure social ROI. It helps you see how much traffic and leads flow to your website from your social media channels.

With Google Analytics, you can learn about your website visitors and as well set up reports such as which social media platform returns the most traffic, what contents perform best, and on which social network. Furthermore, you can use Google Analytics to learn about how many leads and other conversions your business gets from social media such as sales inquiries, email signups, etc.

Google Analytics is free to use, and the tool can help you to get the most out of your social media campaigns by tracking specific social media campaigns.

2. Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite Analytics is one of the best social media analytics for measuring your performance across all your social networks. It allows you to create custom reports to show the impact on your brand and bottom line. The tool simplifies your social media analytics work by offering a complete picture of all your social media efforts in one place.

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools

In addition to seeing the results of your social media activities, Hootsuite Analytics also integrates Hootsuite Impact to help you calculate the real return on your social media investment, to solidify the business case for social in your organization. Again, Impact helps you demonstrate how your social media channels and campaigns drive leads, conversions, and sales.

Furthermore, you can improve your brand’s customer service and response time with Hootsuite Analytics by tracking how long it takes your team to respond and resolve incoming customer inquiries. You will also see key metrics for each of your social posts on each social channel, including clicks, comments, reach, shares, video views, video reach, etc.

Hootsuite Analytics is a paid social media analytics tool that offers a 30-day free trial after which you can pick the plan that’s right for your campaign. Pricing starts from $19 per month and can reach up to $599 per month.

3. Sprout Social

An all-in-one, social media management platform, built for connection, Sprout Social is one of the best social media analytics tools to measure your campaign performance. Be it to drive deep into your performance on a single network, or you want to compare results across multiple social media channels at once, Sprout Social is all you need.

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With the analytics tool, you can easily track your Facebook Page impressions, measure your Twitter link clicks, evaluate your Instagram follower count, tally up your LinkedIn engagement, assess your content performance on Pinterest, and so on, all in one place.

Sprout also lets you organize and share data from the report in an easy-to-understand format. Moreover, it comes with a complete template and customizable reporting options, which means you have several ways to gather essential social metrics and truly understand what they mean and equally present them to others.

The analytics tool is a paid platform but ensures that all your social media analytics and reporting needs are taken care of with a user-friendly way to discover social insights. Sprout Social offers a 30-day free trial, while its pricing starts from $99 per user per month and can reach up to $249 per user per month.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot analytics software allows you to measure the performance of all your social media marketing campaigns in one place with built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards. The analytics tool helps you to report on the success of your social media campaigns across every channel. Likewise, compare the performance of multiple social channels to measure your campaign’s performance.

HubSpot: Best Social Media Analytics Tools

With HubSpot analytics, you can monitor brand mentions and relevant conversations, track engagements automatically, and schedule your social posts to be published when your target audience will engage with them.

Another important aspect of this tool is that it’s not just a social media analytics tool only, rather, it’s part of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub – their all-in-one inbound marketing software for an entire team. It offers you detailed reports for each of your marketing channels, including detailed reports from website and landing pages, to emails, blog posts, social media channels, calls-to-action, and lots more.

Despite being a paid tool, HubSpot is one of the best social media analytics tools for businesses whose marketing teams want to keep all campaign activities in one place. Pricing starts from $40 per month and can reach up to $3,200 per month for the enterprise package.

5. Keyhole

Keyhole is one of the best social media analytics tools for hashtag tracking. The tool helps marketers to measure their social media campaigns, and hashtags metrics in real-time and with the insight, create compelling reports on time for your clients. It is a #1 hashtag tracking tool custom-built for agencies, no-profits, and media.

Keyhole provides real-time performance analytics of the industry and campaign-specific hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. The platform helps you to track hashtag and influencer data on social media networks accurately.

Furthermore, it offers you the opportunity to measure all metrics in real-time, including reach, impressions, engagement, followers, etc. Also, Keyhole provides you with updated data to know whether your influencers are meeting their targets and from the reports increase their metrics for your live campaigns. You can also track your metrics and performance, then calculate the ROI to prove the impact of your social campaigns on your team and clients.

Keyhole is a paid tool and offers a free trial for its full suite. Pricing starts from $49 per month and can reach up to $59 per month.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is not solely a social media analytics tool, but it’s an excellent resource for analyzing the social media engagement of any given piece of content. With the tool, you can view the amount of shares your latest blog post received on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. It also allows you to see how your content marketing campaigns are performing against your competitors by monitoring the performance of your content ranking for relevant industry keywords.

BuzzSumo Social Media Analytics Tools

The analytics tool generally monitors your competitors, brand mentions, and industry updates. You can create alerts for the topics, brands, and keywords that have an impact on your business to be notified of your campaign’s performances to enable you to respond at the right moment.

Moreover, social media is still one of the top content distribution channels. Thus, by analyzing social shares, you can get to learn what kind of content receives the most engagement and then use the data to up your content strategy.

BuzzSumo is a paid tool and has a wide range of plans designed to suit all businesses with options to pay monthly or yearly. It offers a 30-day free trial, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Pricing starts from $99 per month and can reach up to $499 per month billed yearly.

7. Tailwind

Tailwind is primarily a social media scheduling tool, but it offers more actionable analytics to supercharge your social media marketing campaign. The platform is centric on Instagram and Pinterest, with its members estimated to get 1.8x more likes on Instagram and 6.9x more repin on Pinterest.

With Tailwind, you can gain deep insights, measure impact, and guide your content strategy with rich, actionable reports for the two platforms. Tracking social media campaign success isn’t usually easy, but Tailwind makes everything easy as you can;

  • Measure followers, engagements trends, and virality by pin, board, or category
  • Track key performance indicators to evaluate if your campaign is working
  • Also, analyze your Pinterest traffic and revenue with integrated Google Analytics reports
  • And again stay up to date with customizable email reports and notifications.

Tailwind also helps you to measure Instagram campaigns to understand how your content is performing. It equally has powerful content insights where you can highlight what is working and what’s not. Tailwind is one of the best social media analytics tools when it comes to affordability. It offers a free trial for all the features with pricing at $9.99 per account per month, billed annually for both Pinterest and Instagram.

8. ShortStack

This analytics tool helps you to learn how visitors are interacting with your campaigns. ShortStack works best for brands running frequent social content or giveaways because it helps you to easily pick out a winner and analyze engagement from your giveaway campaigns.

With ShortStack, you can quickly discover real-time traffic spikes, learn which of your campaigns generate views, entries, and shares; likewise, understand where most of your traffic comes from, and many more. ShortStack also integrates with tracking services that you already use, such as Google Analytics tracking, Facebook Pixel code, etc. to supplement the data it collects.

Meanwhile, by analyzing your social media contest and giveaway campaign performance with one of the best social media analytics tools like ShortStack, you will be able to see engagement metrics and identify which types of contests work best with your audience.

ShortStack offers a free trial with pricing starting from $79 per month and can reach up to $399 per month, billed annually.

9. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is one of the best social media analytics tools dedicated to Twitter analytics. The tool gives you all the social media data for Twitter. Right from searching Twitter bios to connect with anyone to comparing Twitter accounts to find overlaps and target new influencers to analyzing your followers by location, bio, who they follow, and more, Followerwonk helps you with everything Twitter-related.

It also allows you to contrast your relationships with your competitors and friends. Thus, you can match your activities to gains and losses in followers to give your followers what they like best.

Followerwonk offers a free plan, but with limited access, so optimize your social profile and access the analytics tool’s best features, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan. Pricing starts from $23 per month and can reach up to $63 per month when billed annually.

10. Wiselytics

Wiselytics is one of the best social media analytics tools dedicated to Facebook and Twitter. The tool offers effortless social reporting so that you can say goodbye to the countless hours you spend reporting your social media performance. You easily gauge the ROI of your organic social media activities and even compare your results with competitors in a flash with Wiselytics.

In addition to the above, Wiselytics helps you to identify your social media topics that are most popular with your audience, and discover the posts that help you gain new fans and the ones that made them leave. Also, the social media analytics software helps you get unduplicated audience data such as reach and engaged users for each month. Plus you will get both your Facebook and Twitter analytics in just one report.

Wiselytics offers a free plan and a paid plan, but you will have to request a free trial to get special pricing for enterprise use. At the same time, you can readily access your free Wiselytics social analytics anytime.

Take Away

Some may ask, what about native social media data analysis tools? Yes, you’re right.

There are valuable data and insights you can gain from native social media analytics tools such as Facebook or Instagram’s Audience Insights, for instance. However, choosing the third-party best social media analytics tools not only provide you with more data but also ensures that you don’t have to jump between platforms.

In addition to saving time, marketers also need to own their data, which means you can always see by the numbers how your campaigns are stacking up across platforms on different occasions.

Obviously, what brands need in terms of analytics varies from business to business. Still, these social media analytics tools listed in this article will certainly give any brand what insight they sort after.

Thanks for your time reading this article, please feel free to share your thoughts with us via our comments section below!