10 Best File Sharing Software For Small, Medium, and Large Size Businesses

Imagine operating a modern-day business without sharing digital files, that’s near impossible. But thankfully today, there’s no shortage of file sharing software for businesses. However, the only challenge you’ll have to encounter now is choosing the best file sharing software for your business because there are many options available.

Thus, before selecting a particular file sharing software for your business, you would need to consider a wide range of variables, including options for security, collaboration, and mobility.

Moreover, when we talk about the best file sharing software in this aspect we shift our focus to the range of products that will meet your company’s specific file-sharing needs. For instance, the file sharing software or platform that can support collaboration or content management and that can integrate well with other business platforms, such as CRM or project management software.

Now, before we proceed with our list of the best file sharing software, we would highlight the common features of file sharing software that your business needs.

Features Of the Best File Sharing Software

The following are the common features you should be looking for among different file sharing platforms.

  • File-Sharing: The ability of the software to let users upload files, tag, or save them under a specific department, category, or folder and then share the files with others internally, externally or both
  • File Storage: It should be able to provide cloud-based file storage to upload and store files on either company or vendor servers.
  • User Management: The software should be customizable in terms of letting users create accounts and distribution groups, and set user permissions, for example, “view only” or “editing.”
  • File Sync: Best file sharing software should be the kind that allows users to sync the files they’re working on directly from a native application. Also, has the ability to sync cloud-stored files to a local folder on your device and vice versa.
  • Security and Encryption: The file sharing platform should be able to add MMS functionality, which allows businesses and customers alike to send and receive multimedia messages, including photos, videos, and audio notes.
  • Collaboration and Social: Best file sharing software should be able to integrate this feature to enable users to work together on the documents being shared.
  • Content Management: It should as well include the features that help businesses control and manage document content such as e-discovery, archiving, syncing, etc.

So with the above, you can see that it’s clear that you need to pay great attention to the level of control each file sharing platform offers before making your choice.

Best File Sharing Software For All Business Sizes

Now, it’s time to look into the best file sharing software out there. And putting the above features into consideration, we’ve compiled this list of the best file sharing software for every business.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a secure cloud-based file sharing software that serves individuals and businesses of all sizes. Designed to reduce busywork, the software allows users to share files and send file requests to people even when they don’t have a Dropbox account.

Best File Sharing Software

The file sharing platform has the capability of recovering deleted files and maintaining version history, in case you want to recover old file versions. On the other hand, Dropbox helps you to spend less time searching for files and folders by serving you with personalized suggestions to give you files and folders when you need them.

With an advanced sharing, it means only selected users can see some important files, and files can also be remotely deleted should sensitive data get compromised. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about your multimedia files as photos are backed up immediately after they are added.

2. OneDrive

Launched in 2007 by Microsoft, OneDrive is arguably one of the best file sharing software out there with the features that businesses and individuals sort for. It is a cloud-based five hosting and synchronization service.

The file sharing software allows you to save your files and photos and access them from any device, anywhere, and anytime. Despite enjoying the freedom to access, edit, and share your files across any device, you will still not lose your files and photos even if you lose your device provided they are saved in OneDrive.

Collaboration is also made easy when you use OneDrive because you have the chance to share your documents and photos with friends and family, and even collaborate in real-time with Office apps. Meanwhile, you no longer need to share large email attachments or thumb drives, all you just need to do is to send a link via email or text.

OneDrive offers a free version with 5 GB storage space but no Office365 service is included. While pricing starts from $1.99/month and can rise up to $99.99/year.

3. Box

Box is a cloud-based software that focuses on content management and file sharing service for businesses. Just like OneDrive, you can securely collaborate with anyone, anywhere, and on any device with Box.

The platform prioritizes protecting your sensitive files in the cloud more than most other file sharing software. But they don’t just stop there as the software equally offers seamless collaboration between lots of people, from colleagues to customers to partners and vendors. Box lets you share files with no frustrations among the end-users.

In the same way as sharing your files, Box also helps you to save more business hours for things that matter most by letting you automate the repeatable workflows that are key to your business.

Pricing starts at $5 per user/month and reaches up to $35 per user/month.

4. Google Drive

Best File Sharing Software For All Business Sizes

Google Drive is a part of the powerful G Suite unit. It focuses on file storage, sharing, and collaboration on the go. Google Drive offers easy and secure access to all of your content.

It integrates seamlessly with cloud-native collaboration apps to supercharge your teamwork effectively in real-time. With Drive, you can invite others to view and download your files by sending them links. Aside from that, you can as well invite multiple members of your team to collaborate on a single file.

Drive uses collaboration, storage, and file sharing to good effect, which makes it ideal for remote enterprise environments. The platform also integrates with and compliments your team’s existing technology, so you don’t need to get rid of the tools you’re already using. For example, you can collaborate on Microsoft Office files without the need to convert the formats and edit and store over 100 additional file types.

For enterprise pricing, G Suite, which incorporates Drive starts from $6 per user/month and can rise up to $25 per user/month.

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5. ShareFile

ShareFile is a cloud-based secure content collaboration, file sharing, and sync solution developed by Citrix Systems. Just like some of the best file sharing software, ShareFile allows you to use any device to securely access your files, share data, and create seamless workflows.

The platform supports all the document-centric tasks and workflow needs of any business size. It also integrates an email plugin so you can send files easily via email. Bank-level data encryption means that your files are secured in transit and at rest so that they can’t be compromised. Furthermore, the software offers users with over 25 customizable security settings, which enables you to recover lost data and prevent leaks.

ShareFile pricing starts from $50 per 5 users/month and can reach up to $122 per 5 users/month.

6. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is also a cloud-based computer file transfer service that keeps file-sharing simple and free. Its ability to keep file sharing simple makes it one of the best file sharing software for those who want to send files as conveniently as possible.

With WeTransfer, you can send files directly to your recipient by just entering your email, the recipient’s email, and your message at the site without a need to sign up. You can send up to 2 GB of files free using this method.

However, if you want to transfer bigger files and personalize your experience, you can purchase WeTransfer Pro for $12/month. WeTransfer Pro includes 1 TB storage, with the capability of sending and receiving up to 20 GB of files. The Pro version also offers password-protect transfers, and you can own a Pro page and URL.

Whilst WeTransfer Pro gives a more flexible experience; you can as well use the free version that supports email transfers for up to three people and 2 GB files.

7. iCloud Drive Software

iCloud Drive is a cloud storage and computing service developed by Apple. It helps businesses back up and shares documents, notes, photos, and other related data. iCloud allows users to create multiple folders, rename them, and add color-coded tags to organize their files on individual preferences. You can also access your files on Windows and Mac devices.

With iCloud, you don’t need to update your files on different devices since they are shared automatically. So once you add a new file to iCloud, it will appear everywhere. Likewise, when a team member updates a file, the changes automatically show up.

Furthermore, iCloud lets users sync data across all devices for applications such as iCal, Contact, Reminders, and Safari. Even though team members can collaborate and receive real-time updates on documents, administrators can equally configure permission rights, restricting specific users to view, share, or edit information.

iCloud offers a free 5 GB storage space, while pricing starts at $0.99/month and can reach up to $9.99/month.

8. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is an online file management platform for teams and individuals. Because it’s online, you can carry your files wherever you go, from documents to images, spreadsheets to presentations, and even photos, and videos.

Best File Sharing Software For All Business Sizes

The system offers advanced customization, where you can categorize files by project, file type, and author, or organize them under folders and sub-folders. There is also the availability of Android and iOS apps so that you won’t need to be carrying a flash drive around any longer.

Additionally, Zoho Docs features secure file sharing and collaboration, which lets users manage, edit, and share documents on desktops and mobile devices. Whilst it is secure to share files amongst users, its advanced security and setup feature allows admins to customize the system to suit the organizational policies, as well be in control of information of users and configure user permission rights.

You can start for free on Zoho Docs with 5 GB of free storage. However, pricing starts from $4 per user/month and can reach up to $6.4 per user/month billed annually. You can also enjoy a 15-day free trial.

9. MOVEit

MOVEit Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a file transferring software that provides complete visibility and control over file transfer activities. It has a flexible design, which provides workflow automation, reporting, and multi-level security. MOVEit assures users, partners, and customers the reliability of core business processes and a secure, compliant transfer of sensitive data.

The software’s flexibility allows you to choose the exact capabilities to match your organization’s specific needs. With MOVEit Transfer, you can consolidate all file transfer activities to one system to ensure better management control over core business processes.

It enforces security policies to reduce the risk of data loss, and with its multi-layered security feature, it provides centralized access controls, file encryption, and activity tracking to ensure operational reliability. MOVEit also offers a free mobile app to bring secure and managed file transfer control to your doorstep through both iOS and Android devices.

To get the pricing details, you will have to contact the MOVEit sales department and tell them about your file transfer requirements. They will prepare a free no-obligation price quote for you from one of their experts.

10. FileCloud

FileCloud prides themselves as the #1 file sharing software for the enterprise. The platform allows complete data ownership, control, and governance with the ability to host your own files. It also supports local file storage and cloud storage, making it possible to connect to multiple storage endpoints.

On the other hand, it offers a robust security and customization interface as all aspects of FileCloud is customizable, including login pages, emails, messages, and newsfeed. At the same time, the security level features anti-virus and ransomware protection, which uses a Heuristic file content scanning engine to detect and block ransomware.

Files on FileCloud are equally encrypted in transit and at rest to make sure that all communications are secure. With two-factor authentication, you can add an extra layer of protection when logging in using email, Google Authenticator, or SMS security code. Similarly, workflows are made seamless as you can design custom workflows to automate business processes using simple IFTTT (“If This, Then That”).

FileCloud offers two different service packages, i.e., FileCloud Server (Self-host/On-premise) and FileCloud Online (Hosted by FileCloud). For self-host, pricing starts from $4.20 per user/month, while FileCloud Online pricing starts from $10 per user/month and can reach up to $15 per user/month.


The truth is that file-sharing has never been that easy, especially as most modern-day businesses have become more decentralized, with a greater percentage offering remote working opportunities. So every business nowadays needs to have the ability to share files at any moment of the go.

Moreover, with the best file sharing software outlined in this article, your business will no longer find it difficult to get files across from one person to another in real-time. We have done the job of picking the best file sharing software for you; it’s now the time for your business to start leveraging its potential!

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