The 10 Best Enterprise Video Conferencing Software For Remote Work

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has just proven to every business that remote work is the future. Although I’m not saying, you can’t have face-to-face interactions with coworkers, friends, and employees. But since stay-at-home work orders seem to become a long-term trend, enterprises would definitely fall back to interacting remotely with employees, partners, colleagues, and others. Meaning most businesses are now in search of the best enterprise video conferencing software to profer solution for not just business meetings, but also employee socialization.

As a consequence of the pandemic, remote work will likely become a long-term trend extending into 2021 and beyond. Before now, video conferencing was just seen as a simple occasional meeting and marketing tool but has over time evolved into a routine for businesses who work from home.

Considering how vital video conferencing has become to most businesses, choosing the best enterprise video conferencing software for your business is a task that doesn’t just come easy. Plus the fact that the best enterprise video conferencing software should offer everything from basic meetings and client presentations capabilities to team collaboration and online education feature, you will certainly need to make an informed decision.

However, that part is what we have done for you in this article by compiling the ten best enterprise video conferencing software for you. But before we proceed to highlight them, we need to see the features all the best enterprise video conferencing software need to possess.

Features of the Best Enterprise Video Conferencing Software

Just like we mentioned earlier, when finding the best enterprise video conferencing software for your unique business needs, certain factors must be considered. If you don’t know the features to look for in them, making a choice will be challenging for you, to be honest.

But now, let me set the records straight. Below are the features you should look for before choosing a video conferencing software for your enterprise.

  • Conference Size: Video conferencing software are built for different size capacity. Best enterprise video conferencing software should, of course, offer the conference size need of any enterprise. So before settling for one, conference size of such software is what you need to consider.
  • Collaboration Tools: All the best enterprise video conferencing software go far, and beyond just video chatting, you should know that. Therefore, your focus should be beyond that as well. It would be best if you were looking for software that facilitates features like group chat, one-on-one collaboration, file sharing, screen sharing, and more. In fact, everything collaboration, including recording functionality, which is a necessity for team members who could not attend certain meetings.
  • Affordability: Understanding the video conferencing software price tags is another insight you need to make a good choice. Most times, some of the best enterprise video conferencing software offer free trials, and many don’t require a credit card on file. So before you make your choice, experiment using the trial offer to know whether what you’ll be paying for is worth it.
  • Ease of Use: All the best enterprise video conferencing software are designed to be simple and easy for teams to navigate and use. They include the ease of signing up, creating a meeting, inviting participants, and setting up audio and video controls. But if the user interface (UI) is difficult for you and your team to navigate, it will definitely cause delays in meetings start times.
  • Support: Here could be the most challenging aspect for some enterprises because many enterprise video conferencing software compete for network bandwidth. As a result, you may need to handle some tweaking since most businesses work with the same solution as you do, meaning their support uptime may be quite low. But that’s not something to worry about because the best enterprise video conferencing software will provide 24/7 support. In our subsequent list, you are going to know about those platforms to consider choosing for your enterprise.

Moreover, the above are the key features one should look into before choosing video conferencing software for their business. Next in the line is dishing out those best enterprise video conferencing software that has been tested and trusted by top companies.

List Of the Best Enterprise Video Conferencing Software for your Business

1. RingCentral

RingCentral prides themself as the world’s #1 business communication platform. Its video conferencing software is ideal for remote work with a near 100% uptime rate, HD video, and HD voice.

Best Enterprise Video Conferencing Software: RingCentral

It’s one of the best enterprise video conferencing software that lets you and your team hop on video calls from anywhere, requiring no downloads or installations to get up and running. You can easily join or host meetings from your web browser or use their mobile app.

Furthermore, the video conferencing software adds enterprise-grade security to its flexibility, and it’s HIPPA-compliant also. All round, RingCentral video conferencing solution is ideal for all business sizes across any industry.

The pricing also shows that RingCentral is affordable, which completes the top feature of the best enterprise video conferencing software. The platform offers month to month pricing, but you can save up to 33% of your payments when you choose the annual plan. Pricing starts at $19.99 per user/month and can reach up to $49.99 per user/month.

2. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing software for a secure online meeting and webinar solution for enterprises. As businesses transition to remote work, embracing tools like Zoho Meeting video conferencing software should be at the top of your choices.

Security and privacy have become major issues in the online sphere today. However, one of the features that make Zoho Meeting stand out among other video conferencing software is because it thinks security first. The software is keen on protecting your privacy and your data while you participate in online meetings using audio, video, and screen sharing. Their multi-level security feature gives you control over your online meetings to keep it safe from disruption, including Lock Meetings function, Entry/Exit notifications, and more.

With Zoho Meeting, you and your team can start up online meetings from anywhere with real-time video, audio, screen sharing, and remote control.

While Zoho Meeting offers a 14-day trial with no credit card required, the pricing starts at $8 per host/month billed annually for the meeting. For webinar solution, pricing starts at $15 per host/month and can reach up to $63 per host/month; all billed annually.

Meanwhile, if you already use other Zoho apps such as Zoho Docs, Zoho Meeting will integrate seamlessly with those solutions.

3. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting is one of the best enterprise video conferencing software that prioritizes online meeting. Businesses that focus on online training sessions will have a lot to benefit from using this sophisticated software.


In addition to ClickMeeting’s video conferencing capability, the software can be used for product demos and marketing videos, sharing knowledge with online courses and training sessions. It’s as well a great tool for lead generation for those who run an online webinar.

Meanwhile, ClickMeeting on-demand webinars can reach up to thousands of people across the globe, which has proven it’s a superb way to host huge online events.

When it comes to pricing, ClickMeeting scales their prices based on the number of attendees in your video conferencing. It offers 30-day free trial and billing is monthly, but you can save up to 20% of your payment when you pay annually.

For 25 conferencing attendees, pricing starts at $25 and can reach up to $40.

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4. Zoom

Zoom is one of the most popular and best enterprise video conferencing software around. It considered the leader in the modern enterprise video communications, enhancing an easy, reliable, cloud-based video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars solutions.

The software features almost, if not all the qualities of the best enterprise video conferencing software we mentioned earlier in this article. Zoom is a great option for any business with top companies already use the software to hold virtual video conferencing as they adjust to remote work style.

Zoom allows for up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers with 49 videos on the screen. It equally has built-in collaboration tools for seamless collaboration with your teams; likewise, chats and calendar integrations. Plus the software allows you to record meetings in the cloud or locally to share with team members who could not attend meetings.

Furthermore, Zoom’s mobile app is exceptionally made with administrative tools and simplified remote assistance for hassle-free IT management. Other features include cross-platform messaging, video webinars, team meetings, and business phone systems.

In addition to the above features, Zoom offers a free plan that allows up to 100 meeting participants, with 40-minute maximum group meetings. At the same time, one-on-one meetings with a free plan are unlimited. Pricing starts at $149.90 per year/license and can reach up to $199.90 per year/license.

5. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting, particularly built for collaboration, has everything your organization needs to work remotely and stay connected. The software allows you to join, host, or manage a video, audio, or web meeting from a conference room, your desk, or a remote location on your Mac, PC, or mobile devices.


With GoToMeeting’s webinars functionality, you can transform your online events into engaging experiences you and your attendees will be happy to participate in.

For security, admins can seamlessly manage users and their access to product features as well as start a secure web conferencing with optional advanced security features such as required SAML SSO login.

Other features include clouding recording and voice commands, where you can start or join your next meeting or audio conferencing session in an instant by asking Siri. The commuter mode feature allows you to host or attend meetings on the go and save data with a reliable, distraction-free experience.

Pricing starts from £9.50 and £12.67 for Professional and Business plans respectively. However, to learn about enterprise pricing, you will have to contact the sales department to get custom rates and bundled savings on webinars, rooms solutions, and phones.

6. Microsoft Teams

It’s no surprise seeing Microsoft Teams in this list of the best enterprise video conferencing software given the fact that Microsoft is an industry leader in the technology world. The software is designed to support the business of all sizes with the ability to meet with teams of up to 10,000 users.

Microsoft Teams’ flexibility means it’s more than just enterprise video conferencing software. It is an all-in-one pack for chat, call, video, and collaboration. Teams is ideal for remote work, distance learning, healthcare, and more.

The software’s top-level privacy and security function makes sure you meet regulatory, legal, and organizational needs with industry-leading compliance offerings. Aside from video conferencing, other Microsoft Teams features include file sharing, screen sharing, together mode, where you can digitally sit in a shared background, making it feel like you are in the same room with everyone else. You can easily customize your meeting background to fit your needs.

Microsoft Teams offers a free plan that is limited in its overall features. But to harness the full benefits of Teams software, you can purchase Microsoft Teams for the enterprise. Pricing starts from $5 per user/month and can reach up to $20 per user/month.

7. is one of the best enterprise video conferencing software that allows you to personalize your experience. You can customize your meeting link to whatever you want such as branding it to your company name, to the meeting subject, or even to match your personality.

In addition to customizing your meeting link, you can as well customize your meeting background to work in tandem with your URL. The customization makes your account and meeting room uniquely yours.

The software offers you seamless integration of the features you rely on every day, including audio, recording, scheduling, and remote control. Moreover, you can easily carry everyone along with instant screen sharing with just a single click. As a result, collaboration becomes efficient, easy, and hassle-free.

For fundamental tools for meetings, pricing starts from $10 and can reach up to $30 that include all features that your business needs.

8. StarLeaf

It is an enterprise-grade video conferencing software that brings people together to work better. It is quite simple, reliable, and great for small huddle spaces to large meetings, conference suites, and everything in between.

StarLeaf enhances a spontaneous get-together to weekly meetings and large scheduled conferences. The software’s standout is its interoperability with other video conferencing services on the market, including some of the best enterprise video conferencing software in this list.

If you use platforms like Zoom, Skype For Business, and more, you can join a StarLeaf video conference on such solutions. The platform extends to over 50+ countries with global telephone dial-in.

StarLeaf is also cost-effective and offers a free plan with basic features. Pricing for Business Plan stars from $14.99 per host/month, while the Enterprise Plan appears to be cheaper as the pricing starts from $13.33 per host/month.

9. Skype For Business

Skype For Business is another product of Microsoft. The software allows you to initiate a group Instant Messaging or video conversation and invite additional participants. It also gives you full control over your online meetings, such as mute or remove attendees and know more about participants’ modalities.

From your calendar, you can look up your upcoming meetings and join with one click. Its mobile app means that anyone with a Skype For Business account can use the software, although all the functionalities might not be available to all mobile app users.

But in general, you can easily connect with your team anywhere using clients across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, or bring remote participants into meeting spaces of all sizes with Skype For Business.

For your business, Skype For Business gives you affordable pricing that starts from $5 per user/month and can reach up to $20 per user/month. It offers a one-month free trial to know what you will be paying for.

10. Cisco Webex Meeting

Cisco Webex is a leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. Webex offers hassle-free video conferencing that elevates your brand, and it’s simple but powerful.

Just like other best enterprise video conferencing software, Cisco Webex Meeting helps you increase your business reach while reducing office and travel expenses. Another feature that makes them stand out is its ability to integrate with the apps you love to use every day, so you always stay connected.

Other Webex’s features aside from video conferencing include cloud calling, team collaboration, online event management, online training management, and remote support management.

When it comes to pricing, you will need to contact Cisco Webex Team to get a proposal that suits your enterprise.


It’s clear that remote work is the future, and you need the best enterprise video conferencing software to stay on top of the competition. With enterprise video conferencing software, you can facilitate large meetings with thousands of participants from anywhere around the globe.

But while it can be difficult choosing the best enterprise video conferencing software, we have made it easy for you in this article with this our comprehensive list. Most of this software is tested by big companies, and it is a sure bait for any business.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to share your thoughts with us via our comments section below!